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                 TWA FLIGHT 800
                 FIRST RESPONDER
               WITNESS ACCOUNT
        2016 is the 20th Anniversary of the crash of TWA Flight 800

                   Published by Public Security LLC

NOW AVAILABLE!  Never before seen First Responder witness account of Barry Donadio who responded to the crash of TWA Flight 800 Crash.

The witness account was released in September 2013 and has been a controversial piece that contradicts original reports of the details surrounding the rescue attempt of potential survivors.
Barry Donadio
www.barrydonadio.comOn the evening of July 17th 1996 as the setting summer sun began to silhouette the Manhattan skyline TWA Flight 800 departed from JFK Airport on a non stop flight to Paris twelve minutes into the flight, at 8:31pm as the Boeing 747 soared easily past the south shore beaches of Long Island, at 400 miles per hour a catastrophic tragedy overtook the 230 passengers and crew. Barry R. Donadio responded to the 911 call for help.


Barry R Donadio  TWA Flight 800  First Responder Witness Account

The 1st edition of the TWA FLIGHT 800 FIRST RESPONDER WITNESS ACCOUNT is currently available worldwide.

Our deepest condolences to those who were lost on TWA Flight 800.

Barry R Donadio  TWA Flt 800  First Responder July 17th 1996
                        Barry R. Donadio TWA Flight 800 First Responder, 2013

UPDATE 2014-2015: There has been an undertaking to prevent this book from being sold. The book continues to receive numerous hate reviews and character assassination posts directed at the author.  Author is labelled by critics as a horrible and incompetent to further prevent sales of the book that reveals clues to what happened to TWA Flight 800.

(Below) Barry R Donadio donates 475 books in January 2016 to honor the 20th anniversary  of the TWA Flight 800 crash in 1996
Barry Donadio